In Kokpekty district EKR will grow salmon and other valuable fish species, reports Kazinform. Farm "Kuzmich" completes the creation of facilities for the breeding of valuable fish species in the rural district Kulynzhonskom Kokpektinsky district EKR.

 This was announced today at the information center in the region said at a press conference Mayor Ramil Sagandykov Kokpektinsky area. The project cost is 70 million. tenge. Specialized farms is on the breeding of salmon, walleye and peled. Today on the farm delivered a unique equipment for cultivation of these valuable fish species.
Last year in this rural district conducted an experiment on the artificial reproduction of pike-perch fry and got it, although in this region it is practically impossible to achieve, and in Kazakhstan walleye fingerlings are imported.
Creating a specialized fish hatcheries will also help to solve the problem of restoring fish fauna Zaisan-Irtysh basin and other water bodies stocking.


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